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The Usual Suspects
Front Range, CO, USA
Classic Rock, New Rock -- Good Rock
The Soundtrack to Your Lives


Proud member of the Read the Bills Act Coalition


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We recorded this at FTM studios in Denver. The inimitable and affable Steve Avedis was at the board for two whirlwind sessions in 1998. We laid down all the music in one pass at our first 4 hr session. We then came back the next week to do vocals and mixing in a second session. May have been a mistake, as we all had colds for the vocal session. The best laid plans...

AAR, this is a high resolution 128Kbps .mp3 rendition of our Demo 1998. 9.6MiB, ~10 minutes.

Visit our online demo pak page for other demo materials.

We entered Barefoot Studios for another demo in 2002. Here are a handful of the tunes we laid down there. We'll post others here soon. In contrast with the Demo 1998 above, these are full length samples.
Our rendition of the Foo Fighters' Learn To Fly, with Dan on lead vocals.
Our rendition of 3 Doors Down's Kryptonite, with Jim on lead vocals.
Our rendition of Tom Petty's Listen To Her Heart, with Joe on lead vocals.

Umm... legal stuff. The various tunes represented on the demo are copyrighted by them's that own the copyrights. We perform in venues that pay their annual ASCAP and BMI fees so's them's that own the copyrights get paid.


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